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John Barry Discography (Studio Albums)


Beat Girl [soundtrack]1960view icon
John Barry From Russia With Love Album primary image cover photoFrom Russia With Love [soundtrack]1963view icon
Man In The Middle [soundtrack]1963view icon
John Barry Goldfinger Album primary image cover photoGoldfinger [soundtrack]1964view icon
Zulu [soundtrack]1964view icon
Plays Goldfinger [soundtrack]1964view icon
John Barry Thunderball Album primary image cover photoThunderball [soundtrack]1965view icon
Mister Moses [soundtrack]1965view icon
The Knack …And How To Get It [soundtrack]1965view icon
King Rat [soundtrack]1965view icon
The Ipcress File [soundtrack]1965view icon
Born Free [soundtrack]1966view icon
The Chase [soundtrack]1966view icon
The Wrong Box [soundtrack]1966view icon
The Quiller Memorandum [soundtrack]1966view icon
John Barry You Only Live Twice Album primary image cover photoYou Only Live Twice [soundtrack]1967view icon
The Whisperers [soundtrack]1967view icon
Boom! [soundtrack]1968view icon
Petulia [soundtrack]1968view icon
Deadfall [soundtrack]1968view icon
The Lion in Winter [soundtrack]1968view icon
John Barry On Her Majesty's Secret Service Album primary image cover photoOn Her Majesty's Secret Service [soundtrack]1969view icon
The Appointment {1969} [soundtrack]1969view icon
Monte Walsh [soundtrack]1970view icon
The Last Valley [soundtrack]1970view icon
John Barry Diamonds Are Forever Album primary image cover photoDiamonds Are Forever [soundtrack]1971view icon
Walkabout [soundtrack]1971view icon
Mary, Queen of Scots [soundtrack]1971view icon
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [soundtrack]1972view icon
Follow Me! [soundtrack]1972view icon
John Barry The Man With The Golden Gun Album primary image cover photoThe Man With The Golden Gun [soundtrack]1974view icon
The Dove [soundtrack]1974view icon
The Day Of The Locust [soundtrack]1975view icon
King Kong {1976} [soundtrack]1976view icon
Robin and Marian [soundtrack]1976view icon
The Deep [soundtrack]1977view icon
First Love [soundtrack]1977view icon
The White Buffalo [soundtrack]1977view icon
The Betsy [soundtrack]1978view icon
Starcrash [soundtrack]1978view icon
John Barry Moonraker Album primary image cover photoMoonraker [soundtrack]1979view icon
Hanover Street [soundtrack]1979view icon
The Black Hole [soundtrack]1979view icon
Raise the Titanic [soundtrack]1980view icon
Somewhere In Time [soundtrack]1980view icon
The Legend Of The Lone Ranger [soundtrack]1981view icon
Body Heat [soundtrack]1981view icon
Frances [soundtrack]1982view icon
Hammett [soundtrack]1982view icon
The Golden Seal [soundtrack]1983view icon
High Road to China [soundtrack]1983view icon
John Barry Octopussy Album primary image cover photoOctopussy [soundtrack]1983view icon
The Cotton Club [soundtrack]1984view icon
Until September [soundtrack]1984view icon
Mike's Murder [soundtrack]1984view icon
Jagged Edge [soundtrack]1985view icon
Out of Africa [soundtrack]1985view icon
John Barry A View To A Kill Album primary image cover photoA View To A Kill [soundtrack]1985view icon
Howard The Duck [soundtrack]1986view icon
Peggy Sue Got Married [soundtrack]1986view icon
John Barry The Living Daylights Album primary image cover photoThe Living Daylights [soundtrack]1987view icon
Masquerade [soundtrack]1988view icon
Dances with Wolves [soundtrack]1990view icon
Chaplin [soundtrack]1992view icon
Ruby Cairo [soundtrack]1993view icon
My Life [soundtrack]1993view icon
Indecent Proposal [soundtrack]1993view icon
The Specialist [soundtrack]1994view icon
Cry, The Beloved Country [soundtrack]1995view icon
The Scarlet Letter [soundtrack]1995view icon
Swept from the Sea [soundtrack]1997view icon
Mercury Rising [soundtrack]1998view icon
Playing by Heart [soundtrack]1998view icon
Enigma [soundtrack]2001view icon


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