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Duran Duran Discography


Duran Duran15 June 1981view icon
Carnival1982view icon
Rio10 May 1982view icon
Seven And The Ragged Tiger21 November 1983view icon
Arena [live]12 November 1984view icon
Notorious21 November 1986view icon
Big Thing17 October 1988view icon
Decade [selection/best of]13 November 1989view icon
Liberty1990view icon
The Wedding Album11 February 1993view icon
Thank You1995view icon
Medazzaland14 October 1997view icon
Night Versions [selection/best of]1998view icon
Greatest [selection/best of]9 November 1998view icon
Strange Behaviour [selection/best of]1999view icon
Pop Trash19 June 2000view icon
Astronaut11 October 2004view icon
Beautiful Colours2005view icon
Live From London [live]25 October 2005view icon
Red Carpet Massacre13 November 2007view icon
Live At Hammersmith '82! [live]7 September 2009view icon
As The Lights Go Down26 March 2010view icon
All You Need Is Now21 December 2010view icon
A Diamond In The Mind [live]2 July 2012view icon
Duran Duran Paper Gods Album primary image cover photoPaper Gods11 September 2015view icon
Girls On Film - 1979 Demo29 April 2016view icon

Box Sets

The Singles 1981-1985 [selection/best of]10 June 2003view icon
The Singles 1986-1995 [selection/best of]4 November 2004view icon


Planet Earth2 February 1981view icon
Careless MemoriesApril 1981view icon
Girls On FilmJuly 1981view icon
My Own WayNovember 1981view icon
Hungry Like The Wolf4 May 1982view icon
Save A Prayer9 August 1982view icon
Rio1 November 1982view icon
Is There Something I Should KnowMarch 1983view icon
Union Of The SnakeOctober 1983view icon
New Moon On MondayJanuary 1984view icon
The Reflex16 April 1984view icon
The Wild Boys26 October 1984view icon
Duran Duran A View To A Kill Single primary image cover photoA View To A Kill [soundtrack]May 1985view icon
NotoriousOctober 1986view icon
Master Mixes1987view icon
Skin TradeFebruary 1987view icon
Meet El PresidenteApril 1987view icon
All She Wants Is1988view icon
Too Late Marlene1988view icon
I Don't Want Your LoveSeptember 1988view icon
Do You Believe In Shame?January 1989view icon
Burning The GroundDecember 1989view icon
Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)July 1990view icon
SeriousNovember 1990view icon
Ordinary WorldJanuary 1993view icon
No Ordinary EP1993view icon
Come UndoneApril 1993view icon
Too Much InformationAugust 1993view icon
Perfect DayMarch 1995view icon
White Lines (Don't Do It)June 1995view icon
Out Of My Mind [soundtrack]5 May 1997view icon
Electric BarbarellaJanuary 1998view icon
Girls On Film (Remixes)1999view icon
Someone Else Not MeMay 2000view icon
(Reach Up For The) Sunrise4 October 2004view icon
What Happens Tomorrow6 December 2004view icon
Falling Down24 September 2007view icon
All You Need Is Now2010view icon
Leave A Light On2011view icon
Girl Panic!28 April 2011view icon
Pressure OffAugust 2015view icon
Duran Duran featuring Kiesza
Last Night In The City
10 March 2017view icon


Duran Duran Too Late Marlene (Live at Wembley Arena, London 23/12/1988) Flexi-Disc primary image cover photoToo Late Marlene (Live at Wembley Arena, London 23/12/1988)1989view icon

Tour Recordings

Encore Series [live]2003view icon


The Singles Volume 1 [selection/best of]2003view icon

Interview Items

The Smash Hits Interview11 September 1985view icon


Duran Duran At Eden (With Stings) [live]10 August 2016view icon


Decadance [selection/best of]unknownview icon
Live At Hammersmith '82! [live]unknownview icon
Video EP [selection/best of]unknownview icon
Dancing On The Valentine [selection/best of]1983view icon
Sing Blue Silver [selection/best of]1984view icon
Arena [live]1985view icon
The Making Of Arena1985view icon
Greatest The Videos [selection/best of]1998view icon
Greatest Hits: The Videos [selection/best of]4 November 2003view icon
A Diamond In The Mind [live]2 July 2012view icon
Unstaged [live]13 November 2015view icon

Music Videos

A View To A Kill [soundtrack]May 1985view icon
Duran Duran featuring Kiesza
Last Night In The City
10 September 2016view icon

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